Engagement details and eats

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sorry guys, I've been slacking this weekend! Too much excitement and stuff going on! Yesterday we were gone pretty much all day up in Shakopee at an amusement park for their Halloween event, which was a blast. Then we stayed at a friend's house last night and just got home this morning at 9. So I haven't had much computer access!

But now that I do, I can't wait to fill you in! After my afternoon/early evening post of Friday, Kris and I sat down to have a few Friday cocktails. I chose a glass of the Yellowtail rose, and I made Kris a mixed drink with pomegranite vodka and vanilla soy milk (Sounds weird, but it's actually very good).

We were originally going to go to a movie (Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist), but it wasn't playing at the theater in our town anymore! (I think it got replaced by that stupid High School Musical 3). So we skipped the movie and just headed to dinner instead. Kris suggested we try out the new restaurant in town, Richard's. We'd heard only good things about it, so we very excited.

And we were NOT disappointed. The service and food was amazing! It took a while for the waitress to come take our order, which would be my only complaint, but we were in the mood for having leisurely dinner, so it wasn't a big deal.

We ordered the Truffled Fondue Appetizer.
It came with roasted mushrooms, potatoes, onions, squash, asparagus,
cherry tomatoes and bread for dipping. It was amazing!

And a bread basket. I had several small pieces of bread.
They were light and fluffy with a crunch crust.

My dinner: mocha-glazed seared duck breast with squash and shallot hash. Perfection!

Kris's dinner: Roasted lamb shank in a pinot noir reduction
with maple-glazed carrots and herbs cous-cous.
I had a few bites of this, too and it was very good. (But mine was better, haha!)

We were both too full for dessert, which was a shame because they had a delicious-sounding pumpkin spice cake on their menu. Oh well, maybe next time!

After dinner, we stopped by Patrick's bar for a drink, then headed home. I was pretty tired so I was about to change into my pajamas and settle on the couch to blog (of course!) when Kris asked me to come out on the balcony with him. I was really confused as to why he wanted to go out on the balcony (October in Minnesota is not balcony weather!) but I did anyway. I went out to find him down on one knee with a beautiful diamond ring in his hand. :-)

I always thought that I would cry when I got proposed to, but I was just so darn happy! After that, I wasn't very tired anymore. I called my parents to tell them and then we called some friends who were at a bar over in Mankato. We decided to go over to meet them and do some bar-hopping. Of course we ran into alot of people we knew who all wanted to buy us drinks/shots. I definitely had a few too many. Kris was smart though and limited himself so that he could get us home safe. What a sweetheart. :-)

Saturday morning (well, almost afternoon!) I awoke to Kris bringing me breakfast in bed. He made breakfast burritos! Scrambled eggs w/ peppers, salsa and cheese all wrapped up in a La Tortilla Factory low carb high fiber tortilla. YUM.

My stomach was a little uneasy from all the drinks the night before, so I didn't eat much the rest of the day until dinner. We went out to dinner with 4 friends in Shakopee. We decided to go to Ruby Tuesday's. I had the salad bar (LOVE their salad bar!) and the mini trio that they've been promoting on their commericals so much lately. I only ate the mini turkey burger and mini crab cake though, and gave my mini beef burger to Kris to eat. I didn't take any pictures though, sorry!! After dinner we headed over to Valleyfair for some fun rides and haunted houses. It was a fun night but I was exhausted at the end of it and fell asleep back at our friends' house in the middle of a game of Boxers or Briefs. :-)

Well I think I'm going to head over to my parents' house to show off my ring! Then I have to come back and finish up some homework. :-( And for all of you living in nice places like Florida right now, get this: It's supposed to snow here tonight!!!!!!!!!


Caitlin (see bride run) said...


i have TONS of advice.... the first is to enjoy being engaged. the madness will come later! i will post more thoughts on your blog later!

VeggieGirl said...

LYSS!!! This is beyond heartwarming and exciting. I'm soooo happy for you two; and that ring!! Lovely!!

Anonymous said...

Your story was absolutely lovely! And that ring...oh my GOODNESS that is beautiful! CONGRATULATIONS to both of you...I am excited to hear about what's coming next!!

And I just love your blog because it makes me miss Minnesota so much :o) I saw the snow pictures...so typical!

magpie said...

That is SO SO sweet. I'm so happy for you two!!!