Sunday, November 9, 2008

We have set a date!

So very exciting. Yesterday my mom & I went to visit our reception venue, and we absolutely loved it! It's a hotel & convention center about 45 miles north of where we live right now. Here's a picture of the ballroom we're having it in:

Now that the two BIG things are done (booking the reception venue and church), I can concentrate on the next thing: THE DRESS! :-) I can't wait.

Yesterday morning I was running a little late, so my on-the-go breakfat was a Blueberry Luna Sunrise bar and some grapes.

After we got done touring the reception venue, we went to visit my grandma & grandpa, who live near there. We picked up Taco Bell for lunch, which was a major treat because I haven't eaten Taco Bell in years.

I had one softshell taco from their fresco menu (they replace the cheese with pico de gallo, yum!) and a bean burrito. I was stuffed, it was a good lunch.

Kris had been in Minneapolis at the University of Minnesota football game (bad outcome), so I met up with him & we went to a friends' house. They had bought Wii Party Games and we ended up playing Bags and Shuffleboard for a few hours at their house. We ordered a Hawaiian pizza from Pizza & Pasta for supper (I had two pieces) and I had two beers. Because it was dark and had been snowing, I didn't want to drive all the way home so we just stayed the night at their house.

This morning we woke up really early, so we were able to stop at a diner and get breakfast on our way home. We ate at Emma Krumbees in Belle Plaine. We both had their breakfast special, the Cajun Chicken burrito with American Fries.

We also shared a fruit plate.

I was really hungry and ate my WHOLE burrito, but only about half of the fries (there were a ton).

I'm going to try and find a movie to watch on tv now. I love Sundays!


VeggieGirl said...


Erica said...

Congrats on booking the place! That is very exciting! Do you have any idea what kind of dress you want (have you started looking through magazines?) so fun! That breakfast looks delicious! I am making eggs for dinner (I know real tough ;)) so this is getting me pumped!

magpie said...

That is SO exciting :) Congrats again.

I love fruit plates and burritos - yum!

amy. said...

Congrats on your wedding plans! You must be so excited. We can't wait to see all the preparation & details in the upcoming months :)

PS--I tagged you on my blog if you want to participate!

Heather said...

So exciting, I am sure!

So when IS the big day?

Lyss said...

The big day is October 17, 2009. (It was the title of this post, but I guess it's kind of hard to miss!) And I've definitely been looking at dresses in magazines and online and stuff. I just can't wait to try some on!!!

Lyss said...

edit: easy to miss, not hard to miss