Ruby Tuesday's and Wedding Details

Saturday, November 15, 2008

First off, Happy Birthday to Kris!!!! This is the third birthday of his that we've spent together. It seems like more than that!

For his 27th birthday, we went to dinner with 3 of our friends, went back to his studio apartment (man, that thing was TINY!) and ate my homemade ice cream cake and then went out to the bars.

For his 28th birthday, I threw him a BIG party at our then-new apartment (where we still live). We bought a keg; I made jungle juice and food for like 50 people (we only had about 20-some people there, though). However, since I was hosting, I was too worried about making sure my guests were having fun instead of relaxing and having fun myself.

THIS year, for his 29th birthday, we started off the day by relaxing around the house, watching college football. I had a small bowl of pumpkin-banana oats for breakfast.

Then we went up to Chaska, where our wedding reception is going to be held. We stopped at Ruby Tuesday's so I could treat him to a special birthday lunch.

I had their lunch special Turkey Minis, which came with the salad bar and fries. I LOVE their salad bar, they have so many delicious options! I piled so much on I can barely remember what all was there.

The turkey minis were delicious- very juicy and with only a tiny bit of mayo on them for some zing.

The fries were good, of course, as fries always are. (Why oh why can't they just be HEALTHY?!)

Then we went over to the Dolce Oak Ridge Conference Center & Hotel so I could show Kris the ballroom. I had spoken to the event planner ahead of time and I knew that it was going to be set up for a wedding (which it hadn't been when I first viewed it last weekend) so I was really excited!! It was absolutely gorgeous, and bigger than I had remembered, which is good. I took a ton of pictures of it so that I can reference them in future planning.

Isn't the ceiling draping gorgeous?! That's my one big splurge,
I just NEED the draping.

A close-up view of one of their centerpieces. I love these trees! I wonder if I could work them into my autumn theme...

Head table and cake table.

And here's the dance floor! I believe you can put the dance floor wherever you want in the room. The event planner told my mom & I last weekend that it usually goes off to the left of the room. Kris really liked it in the middle, though. It's certainly something to consider!

I can't wait to do more planning! I can't wait for October 17, 2009!! :-)

Ok, so I know I promised you a special birthday treat for Kris, and I will not disappoint! It's almost done, and then I will do a post with the recipe and LOTS of pictures!!! So check back in later tonight.


Anonymous said...

The reception venue looks gorgeous and the draping will definitly be worth it!

Are those pumpernickel croutons on the salad? - Yum, I love pump!

Hope you guys have a great night and I can't wait to see the surprise :)

Olga said...

That reception hall look so beautiful! How exciting!

I also wish fries were healthy...pretty much my favorite the worst food for you ever!

have fun with chris on his bday!

VeggieGirl said...

Such a lovely birthday celebration with Kris!!

Your wedding reception will be BEYOND beautiful!!

Krista said...

Looks like a great space to hold your reception in!

Erica said...

Happy Birthday Kris! I am like you, I always over make food when we have guests over (better to have too much than too little)! All of the wedding stuff looks great!! You must be so excited :)