Happy All Souls Day!

Friday, October 31, 2008

I've just been so busy lately, I hate that I haven't been fitting my 3-a-day blog posts in! Heck, yesterday I couldn't even get one in. :-(

I guess we need a recap. I'm going to just do the highlights since alot of my eats lately have been repetitive- leftover spaghetti squash, apples & Z-bars, etc.

Yesterday morning I did make a delicious turkey, bell pepper & mushroom egg white omelet, which I ate with a few grapes.

When I got off work, I quickly hurried to get to the grocery store and buy the stuff to make my Halloween specialties: Spooktacular Oreo Balls! (They aren't really Halloween-specific, but I put Halloween sprinkles on them.

Tomorrow I will post a step-by-step recipe for these. They are sinful, but sinfully DELICIOUS. I brought them to my staff Halloween party today and they were gobbled up immediately!

Last night Kris & I had our weekly Thursday night fun with Paco & Stacia. Kris & Paco play football and Stacia & I do crafts. [Last time we made these wine corkboards.] This time Stacia taught me how to knit!!

Now I'm in the process of making my own scarf.

We went to dinner at Chili's. Kris & Paco love their two-for-one beers, rail drinks and margaritas. I had a Thirsty Thursday margarita on the rocks and half of a cajun chicken sandwich with a few fries. It was really good but even half was too much!

And now, what I've been waiting to show you..... MY HALLOWEEN COSTUMES! Yes, not ONE costume, but TWO awesomely terrific costumes!

FIRST COSTUME: A Kitty Cat costume to where at preschool for our Halloween party.

Holding my oreo balls. :-)


I'm not sure how to describe my costume.... I'm gonna go with early 70s disco-cocaine era. I love it!

Right now we're waiting for a couple of friends to come over for a little pre-game Halloween party. I made a quick spread of appetizers:

Fresh cut veggies & ranch dip, assorted crackers and cheese, spinach dip, tortilla chips & two types of salsa, doritos and, of course, OREO BALLS! I always try to serve somewhat healthy things that will still please a crowd.

Ok I will update everyone tomorrow with more Halloween night pics! You guys have GOT to see Kris's costume.


VeggieGirl said...

No worries, you're posting often enough!! Don't stress yourself out over it - have fun with the blog!! :0)

CUTE costumes!! And oh my, I hope you saved some of those scrumptious Spooktacular Oreo Balls for me!! Haha ;0)

Happy belated Halloween, Lyss!!