Fish and Chips

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Holy cow am I ever stuffed. I don't know why, but I always seem to overeat on Thursday dinners! Maybe because my dinners Friday-Wednesday are rather smallish, so my body somehow feels the need to make up for it on Thursdays?! Weird.

Anyway, I made delicious oven-baked fish and chips with a side of homemade coleslaw.

I started off with these:

I double-breaded them with a mixture of Kashi crackers and Fiber One, made into fine crumbs in my food processor. (Double-breading consisted of dipping once into an egg white/almond milk mixture, then into bread crumbs, back into egg white, back into bread crumbs). Then I sprayed them with olive oil spray and baked them at 425 for 25 minutes, flipping once. SUPER crispy and quite delectable.

My "chips" were actually Alexia Rosemary, Parmesan & Roasted Garlic Oven Reds. I baked them for the same time and on the same pan as the fish, which made it very easy.

My coleslaw was a simple mixture of bagged confetti slaw, 2 tablespoons of Miracle Whip Free, 1 Tablespoon Garlic Red Wine Vinegar, 1 Tablespoon Greek Salad Dressing, plus sea salt and ground black pepper. Kris HATES regular coleslaw with a passion, and the only kind he'll eat is the stuff that I make. (I personally think it's all in his head... like me with cottage cheese... GROSS.)

Okay, on a non-foodie note: Does ANYBODY else watch Grey's Anatomy out there?! If you do, what the heck is with Izzy and DENNY?! Is he not DEAD?! Weird.

Off to bed!


amy. said...

Great make-over of fish and chips! The breading you created sounds really healthy but tasty too. Thanks for sharing!
Unfortunately i dont watch greys, sorry!
Have a nice night :D

HangryPants said...

This year I officially made the switch to the Office and if Denny's back, I am glad I did!

Not related to this post, but your comment about dates. You should try Medjool dates! They are sticky and chewy and delicious!

RecipeGirl said...

This looks great- what an easy meal!

Erin of Care to Eat said...

I really love the breading idea! That's so creative!