Thursday, November 6, 2008

I'm sorry guys. I've just been super stressed this week, what with working two jobs, graduation coming up and the job hunt looking bleak, homework, wedding planning.... neverending! I just needed a break from a few things for awhile.

But now I am back!!! I'm not going to recap my whole week, mostly because I didn't take pictures of everything, but also because when I'm stressed I tend to eat much less than usual and very simple things (I've eaten alot of yogurt, canned soup and cereal this week).

But today I can recap for you!!
This morning I had some DELICIOUS oatmeal. Peanut Butter and Jelly Oatmeal.

I made the oatmeal on the stove and then stirred in a tablespoon of crunch oatmeal and two tablespoons of sugar free blueberry preserves! I added some blueberry cereal on top for a CRUNCH, plus an extra scoop of preserves.

Work was actually pretty fun today! My preschoolers were very well-behaved, and I've found a new love: HULA HOOPING! It's an incredible ab workout (and cardio, too!) and it's just TOO MUCH FUN! I did it for 1 and half hours today! My abs are going to be hurting tomorrow. (Last week I did it for 45 minutes and my abs hurt for 3 days.) Read more about its benefits HERE.

Lunch was a delicious salad w/ tomatoes, red peppes, feta cheese and cucumbers. No dressing, it didn't need it!

I also had a big, juicy Honey Crisp apple, but the pictures turned out blurry. (My camera hasn't been working the best lately.)

I gave Kris a few options for dinner tonight and he chose taco salad. I made it with ground bison mixed with sauteed mushrooms. Plus all the fixings! (Bibb lettuce, diced roma tomatoes, lowfat shredded cheese, black beans, onions, red peppers, salsa and my a guilty pleasure- Doritos!)

I washed it down with an MGD 64. (Not too bad for a light beer!)

Ok, have a great night everyone! I have to get ready for Grey's Anatomy. See ya in the am. :-)


VeggieGirl said...

Welcome back!! :0)

Ahhh, hang in there with the stress, Lyss!! Remember, the weekend is almost here, so stay strong!!

Erica said...

I've been wondering how that beer is! I'm sorry you're stressed! It will all workout for the best! The taco salad looks fab! I need to get a hula hoop!

Erica said...

so exciting that you may book the venue this weekend!good luck!!

amy. said...

you are juggling a lot, so of course you're stressed girl! good luck with it all, i know you can handle it. in time, you'll get to relax! lovely salads. hang in there :D