'Cause you had a bad day

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ugh. Today was such an off day. I woke up late because I had pressed the snooze on my alarm and then fallen back asleep, which is something I never do. I was absolutely exhausted. I had planned on making a microwave egg sandwich with Egg Beaters, mushrooms, tomatoes on one of my Village Hearth light English muffins. But I was running way too late, so I settled for a bowl of cereal (a mixture of Kix and Barbara's Bakery Peanut Butter Puffins) with half of a banana sliced into it. And I completely forgot to take a picture of it! In fact, I forgot to take pictures of ALL of my meals today.

Actually, that's a lie. I did remember to take a picture of my lunch, which was a delicious turkey and veggie wrap made with one of my favorite Flat Out wraps. But when I took my camera out, I remembered that I left the battery charging in my kitchen!! Ugh.

My preschoolers (who were OUT OF CONTROL today) had Egg McMuffins w/ tater tots for lunch. It smelled and looked delicious. So I made one for myself for supper. Which I also didn't take a picture of. Talk about a bad day.

So I decided to take my brain-fart of a day and use it to display the contents of my fridge to you guys! Kris and I keep pretty much the same things in stock at all times. We buy alot of fresh fruits and vegetables, and we always have liquid egg whites or egg beaters on hand.

Main Fridge:
Top shelf is mostly bread products. Flat Out Wraps in Light Original, Village Hearth Light English Muffins and Hamburger Buns (the buns are a little abnormal for us, but I'm planning on making turkey burgers for supper tomorrow). Kris eats Brownberry multigrain bread (middle), but I tend to stick to Sara Lee delightful wheat for sandwiches and toasts on the rare occasions that I have them. Eggs are op there with the bread, too.
Middle shelf has our big pink veggie tray. We buy alot of fresh vegetables, bring them home and immediately cut them up and put them into a tray. That way when we want veggies to snack on, they are all right there ready for us! Right now it's filled with cucumbers, baby carrots, broccoli and mushrooms. On top of it my salad for lunch tomorrow. There's some cut up fresh parsley in the back, along with some leftover canned diced tomatoes. Light 'n Fit strawberry yogurt, 8th Continent Light Original Soy Milk, Egg Whites, Egg Beaters and Kris's Vanilla Soy Milk.
Bottom shelf is pretty funny right now. Kris stocked up on beer last weekend. (We already drank alot of it watching college football all day that day! Yikes.) As you can see, we have quite a variety. Miller Chill, some random Russian beers, Miller High Life, Keystone Light, and Grainbelt Premium. Cheap. Good. There are also some edible things there. Apples and nectarines, and some ground turkey breast that I'm thawing out for my burgers tomorrow. Also there right now is my smoothie that I made for breakfast tomorrow. (I like to sleep in a little on Fridays, so I try to make my breakfasts as easy as possible).

The Door: Ketchup, fresh salsa, sugar free maple syrup, fat free miracle whip and light mayo, yellow mustard and honey dijon mustard, marinated artichoke hearts, natural crunchy peanut butter, grated parmesan and romano cheese, dill pickles, minced garlic, sugar free blueberry preserves, Polaner All Fruit, teriyaki sauce, homemade buttermilk ranch dressing, 1/3 less fat veggie cream cheese, Brummel & Brown, and of course all of my salad dressing- Wishbone Bountifuls in Hearty Italian, Santa Fe and Tuscan Romano Basil, Kraft Light Zesty Italian and a Balsamic Dressing I got from the dollar section at our local store.

The Drawers:

Left Drawer is our meat and cheese drawer. Butterball pre-cooked chicken breasts strips, Athenos crumbled Feta Cheese and Block Feta Cheese, Turkey Snack Sticks, deli pepper turkey and honey ham, fat free cream cheese, pepperjack and colby jack block cheese, Part-Skim mozzarella cheese, and Provolone sandwich slices. There's also some leftover cocktail weinies from when Kris treated me to "supper" last week, as well as some Mexican-spiced shredded cheese from our steak enchiladas the other day.
Right Drawer the veggie drawer. Spinach, Romaine lettuce, asparagus, chopped red onions and roma tomatoes.


Our freezer food is kind of our "back-up food", with the exception of things like chicken breasts, which we buy, wrap individually and then freeze. I have a few lean cuisines for fall back meals when I just don't feel like cooking. Frozen waffles for the occasional "treat" breakfast. Frozen shrimp we use quite a bit, as well as the frozen berries. I put those in yogurt, cereal, smooties, etc. Frozen veggies we'll use for stir frys and when we're low on fresh ones. There's also some frozen fish in there that you can't see (tilapia), as well as a whole frozen chicken (from my parents' farm) and a few pounds of ground buffalo burger (courtesy of my avid game-hunter of my grandpa). And of course, a battle of Jagermeister!

WHEW! That sure looks like alot of food for just two people! However, Kris is a big boy and has a HUGE appetite. (6'4 and 205). Not fat at all though! He plays minor league baseball and takes his health and nutrition very seriously. In fact, he's the reason I am so focused on nutrition now. When we first started dating (almost 3 years ago), I was more concentrated on just calorie content of food, always making sure that I wasn't eating over my limit. But he's taught me that it matters more what kinds of foods I'm eating. Plus, he always loves everything that I cook, so it's much more fun than cooking just for me! I like to try to impress him. :-)

I'm beat. It's already after 10pm. Until tomorrow....