Chivarly is dead

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I must start out with a rant. If there are any men out there who read my blog, take note of this.

Perhaps I am just spoiled with a chivalrous boyfriend. He opens car doors for me, always reaches for the bill at dinner first, lets me out of the pew before him when going up for communion during mass, and always always always opens a door and holds it open for me to enter first. Now, I am definitely not saying that all men should do this. However, I do think it is incredibly rude when a man will just let a door slam shut in a woman's face. This happened to me TWICE today, just going to my one class. Two separate guys just opened the doors, let themselves in, and immediately let go of the door letting it shut without even bothering to stop and look back to see if anyone was behind him. EVERYONE should at least do that! I DO THAT! Hold the door until you see the person behind you grab it. Ugh.

I actually had a guy talking on his cell phone walking ahead of me today stop at a door and wait for me to open the door. Ridiculous. Where have all the Cary Grants of the world gone?!

Anyway, on to food.

I was feeling a little anxious after class. I'm not sure why (maybe it was my frustration with the rudeness of today's college generation) but I needed something to take my mind to a calmer place. So I swung through Starbucks and ordered a tall, nonfat pumpkin spice latte with no whip.

It was delish! Not bitter at all, as some nonfat lattes with no whip can be. I will definitely be getting another one of those before the fall season is over.

For supper I FINALLY used the shrimp that I'd defrosted in my fridge on Monday. I made a spicy Thai shrimp stir-fry. I used a bag of steamable Asian veggies (with sugar snap peas, green beans, carrots and broccoli). I added a can of bean sprouts (a staple in my cupboard, as I often use them for "sprougetti") and some chopped fresh carrots and mushrooms. The sauce was a mixture of Sweet Red Pepper Thai Sauce, Teriyaki Sauce, Honey Dijon Mustard and Wasabi Hot Sauce. Spicy, sweet and delicious!

Back to work tomorrow. I think I might try to premake my breakfast so that I can just heat it up quick tomorrow. We'll see.