I'm not a princess, and this not a fairytale

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Anybody else watch the Grey's Anatomy season premiere tonight? I can't get that song out of my head! I think it's Taylor Swift but I'm not positive. I HAVE to download it.

Anyway, I went up to the twin cities with Kris tonight. He had a touch football game and I went to my friends Stacia's and Paco's place in Bloomington to drink wine and watch Grey's. On the way up there, I was STARVING because I hadn't had time to grab a snack when I got home from work. So I snacked on a handful of honey roasted cashews that I found in Kris's car! Haha, better than nothing!

On the way home from their game, Kris and Paco picked up Chili's To-Go. Kris ordered me the Chicken Club Tacos, which were actually very good, and I don't think they are anything I would have ever ordered on my own! It's fun sometimes to have somebody else order for you and surprise you. They came with rice and "beans" but the beans were in a bowl and were kind of like black bean soup, which I think I would prefer to normal beans anyway! So all in all, it was a good dinner.

I know this is kind of backward, but I'm going to do a quick lunch recap since I wasn't able to do that earlier. I brought a "taco" salad, which was actually leftover ground turkey that I'd added some cumin and chili powder too, microwaved and put on top of romaine lettuce and mixed with mozzarella cheese, tomatoes and a couple of crunched up tortilla chips. Dressing was a combination of Wishbone Bountifuls Sante Fe dressing, leftover ranch dressing that Kris brought home from BWW's the other night, and salsa. Very good. I also ran to the gas station to buy a coffe, since I'd FORGOTTEN MINE ON THE COUNTER before I left for work this morning!

Well it is too damn late for me to be up right now. I'm going to be freaking exhausted tomorrow. THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY!