Baked Tofu

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Well, I continued with my "Try New Things" theme for the day, and decided I do some baked tofu. Some fellow bloggers eat it alot and it always looks so yummy in their pictures!

I have made tofu before and found it to be pretty.... well, bland. Tonight I tried making it a different way. I took a block of extra firm tofu, drained it and pressed it between paper towels and two plates for 30 minutes. Then I cut it into 6 strips and then cut those strips in half. I marinated it in some Chipotle & Mexican Beer BBQ sauce for 30 more minutes, then spread the pieces out on a baking sheet, which I baked for 35 minutes at 400 degrees, turning once. Some pieces had a nice crust on them, but some could probably have used a few extra minutes in the oven.

The tofu itself wasn't horrible, but what I hated the most was the BBQ sauce! I sweare I've used it before, but for some reason tonight I hated the taste. It was very spicy, which for me is unusual because I love spice! I think I might just be a little Chipotle-ed out. I've used the flavor alot lately in my cooking. I need to move away from the Chipotle.

I did make a nice chop salad to go with it though. It was delicious! Pre-packaged romaine salad mix, coleslaw veggies, roma tomatoes, white button mushrooms, red, yellow & green bell peppers, cucumbers & parmesan cheese. The dressing was a mixture of Wishbone Bountifuls' Tuscan Romano Basil, Kraft's Fat Free Zesty Italian and a Hy-Vee store brand buttermilk ranch.

I had seconds on my salad!

Earlier today, after my run (which felt amazing, by the way), I snacked on a couple of smoked oysters and a wedge of garlic & herb laughing cow light cheese on some kashi crackers. Held me over!

Right now I'm too full for dessert, and it's already 8pm. So I doubt I will be eating any! Tomorrow is a new day and the beginning of a new week.