First 5K!

Monday, October 6, 2008

So I've decided I need a fitness goal. And as it turns out, the town we live in has an annual "Halloween Fun Run 5K." This year, it falls on October 25, which I happen to have open! So.... I decided to register! Races have never really been my thing, as I've always liked to look at exercise as fun, rather than a competition. However, this one is pretty laid-back. You can walk or run it (I'm going to run), and besides prizes for the top times, there are prizes for best Halloween costumes! I figure it will be something fun & festive to do, and the perfect excuse to push my fitness to a new level. I'll keep you posted!

Well. On to the food! After my yoga class today (which I felt amazingly strong & balanced in today), I chowed down a smoked salmon & cream cheese roll-up, made with reduced fat veggie cream cheese and a Flat Out Light Wrap.

A couple of hours later at work I ate a small container of mandarin oranges, which I forgot to take a picture of! Lunch was a mixture of leftover salad from a few days ago (with the artichokes, celery, ground buffalo, corn, etc.) and leftover salad from last night. I thought it was going to be strange-tasting, but it turned out to be VERY GOOD.

I also had some celery & baby carrots that didn't have much life left in them. As I ate I read "Scandal of the Season," a historical fiction book dealing with the persecution of Catholics in 18th century London.

After I got off work I went to the computer lab to do some work on my resume & portfolio. I snacked on some sugar snap peas quick before class. CRUNCHY GOODNESS!

Dinner is for the next post!