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Friday, October 24, 2008

I do apologize for my semi-hiatus, blog friends! Yesterday was a crazy/stressful/busy/hectic day. First off, I forgot my coffee, my lunch and my camera when I left for work. Which wouldn't be so horrible if I didn't work in a "village" of only 612 people, and absolutely NO restaurants/grocery stores, etc. They have one gas station that I was able to pick up a stale turkey and cheese sandwich (which I microwaved and ate open-faced), an apple and a piece of string cheese.

It actually didn't end up being too bad of a lunch, it held me for quite a while. When I got home, I didn't have much time to relax, since me & Kris had to get up to Bloomington by 6:30 to meet some friends. I quickly snacked on some tortilla chips and fresh black bean & corn salsa. I also made a couple of cracker sandwiches with turkey and garlic herb spread.

Thursday nights Kris plays in a touch football league with his old roommate Paco. I usually go up and hang out with Paco's roommate Stacia. We enjoy alot of the same things: theater shows, shopping, crafting, wine. Last night we decided to tackle a few different projects- Wine shopping at the sale at Haskell's, shopping for Halloween costume accessories, and making a cork board from wine corks.

The corkboard turned out awesome!

It's a super easy project, too. We bought open back picture frames at Michael's and some foam board to fit in the back. We hot-glued the foam board into the frame for now, I still want to add some clips to the back to help secure it. Then all you do is arrange your corks in a pattern that fits your frame and start hot-gluing them! Awesome, huh?

The wine sale shopping was very successful, also. I bought three wines: a Banrock Station organic cabernet sauvignon, a Yellow Tail rose (on sale for $4.99!) AND the one I'm most excited about- Bitch.

Bitch is a South Australian Grenache that's supposed to have a sort of spicy, dark berry flavor. I've never tried it, but I am very excited!

For dinner we all went to Majors Sports Bar down the road from Paco & Stacia's apartment. It was ladies' night so Stacia & I got three free drink tickets. I had two Miller Light drafts with olives. For the meal, Kris and I split a Northern Italian pizza (proscuitto, italian sausage, tomatoes, mozzarella) and a chicken fajita salad w/ corn, black beans, tomatoes... YUM. It was an awesome dinner and I'm so sorry I didn't have my camera with me!

We got home super late last night and I was very tired this morning. I quickly made an open-faced egg sandwich and finished up the rest of my vanilla Light 'N Fit with some Fiber One on top. It was satisfying, although not very photogenic.

I'm going to do some cleaning and organizing around the house while I wait for Kris to come home from a meeting. School is canceled today for a Faculty Duty Day. We're turning it into "Kris and Alyssa Day." :-)


VeggieGirl said...

No worries about the "semi-hiatus" - hope you're able to fully relax!!

That corkboard is TOO COOL!!

Enjoy your Friday immensely!!! :0)