Feeling good on a Monday

Monday, December 8, 2008

It is very abnormal for me to wake up in a good mood on a Monday! I think it was partly because I'm no longer working at my on-campus IT job (I'm now a full time assistant preschool teacher) and partly because of my adorable kitties who slept with us all night and woke me up at 5 am with kisses! I just can't get enough of them!!

As I mentioned before, our grocery stock is running verrrrry low, so breakfast was kind of a strange concoction: A piece of 12 grain toast with cinnamon & raisin peanut butter, blueberry preserves and dried cranberries.

It was really very good and kept me full for a long time!

I've never worked at the preschool on a Monday, so I was a little nervous- I didn't know if the kids would either be tired from a weekend of fun or hyper from a weekend of little to no activity. Turns out they were.... normal. Some hyper, somem tired. However, the impending snow storm definitely had them excited (I'll admit, I was excitable myself).

Lunch was one of my delicious salad creations made with random things found in the fridge. The last of my romaine lettuce, grape tomatoes, imitation crab meat, onions, artichoke hearts, feta cheese and a crumbled wasa fiber cracker for crunch. Dressing was a drizzle of greek vinaigrette.

I also ate an orange, left over from the kids' lunch. (Not pictured).

After work I ran some errands, played with the kitties and CLEANED. I have some friends staying with me us this weekend (graduation party!) and I wanted to get a head start on the dusting/vacuuming, etc. It looks awesome in here now.

Well, I think I will surf the net for a while before Gossip Girl starts. That is, if Pippi lets me. She sometimes makes it hard...


VeggieGirl said...

So glad that your Monday went well!!

Your breakfast doesn't look strange to me - it looks DAAAAAAMN delicious.

HAHA!! Pippi is too cute :-D

Hooray for Gossip Girl tonight!!

amy. said...

Your kitties are SO cute! I'd love to be woken up by kisses, even if it was at 5am :)

Glad work is going well for you. Your eats look great, by the way!

Erica said...

oh my gosh- your kitty is so cute! So tiny! I wouldn't be able to sleep with all the cuteness around! Glad your day went well!

Anonymous said...

Oh Pippi! My cats do that too but of course they're massive and cover the keyboard completely! :)

magpie said...

Pippi is adorable! Couscous (my kitty) like to do that too but he's huge.