Breakfast made-to-order

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Kris made us breakfast this morning. We were going to go to the Tavern on the Avenue (known locally as the the "Tav") for their special Homecoming breakfast. However, we decided it'd be cheaper to just stay home. Plus, Kris makes absolutely delicious scrambled eggs! (He put mushrooms and onions in them this morning). We had some leftover little smokies which he also cooked up. I made some "hashbrowns" from frozen tater tots and we each a piece of multigrain toast. Very hearty, delicious breakfast. Ought to soak up all that beer we're going to drink today!

Actually, I'm not feeling the best this morning. My throat is still really sore and my voice is almost completely gone! Last night we went to dinner at Patrick's here in St. Peter. I ordered a club melt, but they brought me a ham and turkey melt instead. We had waited well over an hour for our food, so I just ate it anyway. Sorry, no pictures! It was pretty boring anyway.

Before we'd gone out, I'd snacked on a handful of chocolate covered blueberries and slivered almonds.

Well, I need to go shower! The football game starts at 2pm.