Feeling slightly better

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Well it's 6:30 in the am here in Minnesota. I'm about to leave for work but I thought I'd try to blog quickly.

I started to feel a little better in the afternoon yesterday, so I snacked on some dark chocolate-covered blueberries and some strawberry yogurt-covered raisins. The raisins were kind of gross so I didn't eat much of those. I also made a pitcher of sugar free lemonade. Later on, I had a Kashi crunchy peanut butter bar.

This morning I had one of my favorite breakfasts: a toasted English muffin smeared with fat free cream cheese and smoked salmon. Lots of protein and Omega 3's. Just what I need to get me going this morning.

(Okay so I wrote this blog entry this morning at 6:30, but my pictures wouldn't load fast enough and I needed to get to work! So that's why it's not posting until now, sorry!)