Lunch, brought to you by my NEW lunchbag!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

So I forgot to tell you all about my absolute FAVORITE purchase from my shopping spree on Sunday: a new stylish lunchbag! I bought it at Gordman's (which is kind of like a Marshall's or TJ Maxx in a way...) and it looks exactly like a cute little black purse. The inside of it is insulated in this shiny silver stuff just like a cooler and it has a drawstring to keep everything inside of nice and cool. I absolutely love it! Plus, it's a very nice size. I used to have a purple and black lunchbag that was pretty nice but it was very small and I had to carry it in my hand, I wasn't able to put it over my shoulder like a purse.

It was only $9.99.

The lunch I packed in it today was not very interesting, as I was running late. One of the newer Progresso Light Reduced Sodium Soups, which are awesome compared to their old ones. I love that these ones have some meat in them! This one was very delicious, and soup always fills me up. I paired it with an apple. I eat ALOT of apples in the fall.

Well I just received some BIG news. Some news that needs celebrating. So I'm not going to be eating my planned dinner of shrimp stir fry tonight, because Kris and I are going out for dinner tonight!!! I'll fill you all in when I get back.... I know you are waiting in suspense!


Alyssa said...

I just discovered your blog and I an Alyssa from MN too! I'm a college junior though, journalism major, kind of different from pr :)

Lyss said...

That's awesome! What college are you at?