Acorn Squash Heaven

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

If you remember my grocery shopping trip the other day, I bought 3 different kinds of squash- spaghetti, bohemian and acorn. I decided to use the acorn squash for supper tonight (well, dessert actually) and it was superb! I decided just to bake it and mash it up with a little bit of Brummel & Brown and sugar free maple syrup. First, though, I oven-roasted the seeds!

I've never actually roasted squash seeds before, but my mom used to roast pumpkin seeds when I was little and I loved them! I figured squash seeds can't be much different. I scooped them right from the squash onto a baking sheet (didn't even rinse them, I thought the squash pulp might make them tastier!), sprayed them with olive oil cooking spray, sprinkled them with freshley ground sea salt, then mixed them around. I roasted them at 350 degrees for about 10 minutes (until I heard them start popping) and they were absolutely perfect. AND DELICIOUS!

While my squash halves were baking in the oven (cut in half, face down in a cake pan filled with 1/2 inch of water at 350 for 50 minutes), I cooked up dinner.

Balsamic-carmelized chicken breast chunks and mushrooms.
One the side: romaine, tomato, cucumber & feta cheese salad
w/ Wishbone Bountifuls Hearty Italian dressing.
It was good and filling. I couldn't even finish my chicken. I saved some to use for a sandwich lunch tomorrow.

Then, finally: Maple Brown Sugar Acorn Squash

Heaven. Pure heaven.