Major workout day with a special surprise at the end!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Whew. I am exhausted.

The day started with my 60 min. yoga class. I didn't feel quite as strong as I did on Monday, but it was still a good class. After class I went to work, and when I got there I ate my breakfast:

2 slices of honey ham & a light string cheese- I needed the protein!

My workout must have burned alot of calories though, because I was hungry again very soon. I waited until 11am to eat my morning snack, which was a combination of dry cereal: Kix, Fiber One & Cinammon Puffins (I decided I prefer the peanut butter!).

This held me pretty well, surprisingly. Cereal normally seems to go right through me and I'm hungry again 10 minutes later! But I didn't take lunch break until 1pm, and I wasn't starving by any means. I ate my reheated grilled veggie burrito (which, as I expected, did not hold the "crunch" that I wanted, but was still delicious!) and snacked on some cucumbers, snap peas & peppers.

After lunch, work was soooo boring. I was just in such a good mood and feeling so great that I felt like I was totally wasting it sitting on my butt staring at a computer screen. Bleh. So.... I took off a little early. Headed to the gym for my 2nd workout of the day!

  • Ran 3.1 miles on the treadmill
  • Biked 1.5 miles of a 'Hill Program' on the recumbant
  • Abs routie using the balance ball
Whew. I immediately ate a nectarine when I got done, I needed something in a bad way!
Then I went to Target to do a little shopping... Target is one of my favorite stores ever! I could spend hours in there. I bought a green shirt to wear to work tomorrow (it's Homecoming Week and tomorrow is class colors day; preschool is green), earrings, new slippers!, shoes, cereal & Starbucks chocolate.
When I got home around 5pm there was a package waiting for me... FREE CHOBANI YOGURT! My fellow food bloggers are constantly eating this stuff and they don't sell it anywhere near me. So I sent an e-mail to the company explaining my blog and asking where I could buy it, and they just up and sent me a box of free ones! I cannot wait to try it!
Dinner time!