Afternoon Pick-Me-Up!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Work went really well today, I had quite a bit of energy all morning. I stayed full right up until a half an hour before my lunch break, which was awesome! However, that beautiful salad that I brought with me didn't hold me very long! I was starving by the time I got home from work at 4pm. (I ate lunch at noon though, so I guess that's not too bad.) So as soon as I got home I fixed myself a quick snack:
1 cup of Vanilla Dannon Light 'N Fit Yogurt, plus 1/2 cup applesauce.
Sprinkled with some Fiber One!

I also had a cup of green tea.

Well, Kris & I were supposed to go over to Le Center to watch my little brother's football game at 4:30, but it was canceled because of the rain! It's not raining anymore, but it rained all day and the field is supposedly flooded. Soooo... I'm going to go running! Then make dinner. Bye!