Afternoon Snacking

Monday, October 13, 2008

Well, I accomplished my shower and cleaning, but I can't get myself to exercise... soon, I swear!

Right now I'm snacking on some frozen berries & fresh grapes and reading SELF. It feels good to be getting all of these fruits & veggies in me today!

I'm also researching "Baptism Gift Ideas." Kris and I are traveling to Illinois this weekend for his newphew/godson's baptism. I already bought him a beautiful blue glass cross for his room, but it didn't cost very much and I want to get something else, too.

I really love this personalized "Baby's First Cross Necklace" & Keepsake box! Does anybody else have any other ideas?? Let me know!

I've been surfing the Web alot today and looking at other food blogs. The Summertree Cafe had a little survey about herself on one of her posts, and I thought it might be fun to fill it out too. So here goes!

1. Last Movie You Saw: Mama Mia! I saw it all by myself when I was Wichita, Kansas this summer, traveling with the Sioux Falls Canaries. I loved it!

2. Book You Are Reading: The Scandal of the Season by Sophie Gee.

3. Favorite Board Game: Actual board game would be Clue. But of all games, I like Catchphrase! It was our favorite after-bar activity this summer.

4. Favorite Magazine: Self or Fitness.

5. Favorite Smells: Cinnamon, pumpkin spice, burgers on the grill in the summer, a campfire

6. Favorite Sounds: The sounds of 'Up North' in the summer. Gentle waves hitting the beach, boat motors whizzing by, leaves rustling in the wind, children swimming in the lake, fireworks going off at dusk. And, of course, the sounds of a baseball game.

7. Worst Feeling in the World: Embarassment. My biggest fear is public humiliation.

8. First Thing You Think of When You Wake Up: Depends on how early I'm waking up! If it's 5 am, I most likely thinking "NO I DON'T WANT TO WORK TODAY!' Sometimes I start thinking about breakfast first thing when I wake up though.

9. Favorite Fast Food Place: Hmmm... is Panera Bread considered fast food? Because that would probably be it. Or Sonic, I love their corn dogs and diet cherry limeade!

10. Future Childrens' Names: Haha, we've actually been discussing this alot lately. For girls, it's settled: Audrey Lynn and Scarlett Marie. For boys, we're torn. Kris wants Oscar (eck!) and I want Ryan or Matthew. Who knows though!

11. Finish this statement: "If I Had alot of Money...": I'd buy a big house with a nice big fancy kitchen, and I'd do all of my shopping at Whole Foods or Trader Joe's.

12. Favorite Drink: Non-alcoholic: Coffee. Alcoholic: Vodka Gimlet.

13. Name All of the Cities You Have Lived In: Eagan, MN. Le Center, MN. Faribault, MN. Mankato, MN. St. Peter, MN. Sioux Falls, SD.

14. Favorite Place to Relax: At home. I love our apartment, it's so cozy and cute!

15. Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Blueberry Cheesecake.

Okay, that's it for now!