Chicken & Mushroom Melt

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Lunch today was awesome! I didn't get to eat it until almost 1pm though, so it's a good thing I had all of that oatmeal & fruit this morning!

I took leftover chicken from last night and put it between two toasted slices of Village Hearth Light Wheat bread, along with some tomatoes, a little bit of shredded Italian blend cheese and a laughing cow light cheese wedge. At work, I microwaved it for a minute. DELICIOUS!

I also had some bell pepper strips & cucumbers with a little bit of roasted red pepper hummus. And a BIG bottle of Dasani water.

Yesterday at Target I bought some Starbucks chocolates. They are "Chocolate & Tea tasting squares" and they have three different varieties: Chai, Passion & Citron. You can eat 8 squares for only 190 calories! And one square is definitely enough decadence for the perfect little after-lunch dessert. Today I had a Citron:

Yum. Well we are headed up to Bloomington soon and I need to eat something before we go.I'll update tonight before I go to bed.