And the vegetables live on...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Continuing with my meatless theme for the day, I decided to make my go-to meal for dinner tonight: Veggie Stir Fry.

Except, instead of the usual teriyaki or sweet & sour stir fry sauce, I decided to shake it up a bit. I made a little something I like to call Garlic Pesto Stir Fry.

I cooked up a tiny bit of rice noodles, and then stir-fried a bunch of veggies. When the veggies were almost done, I added half a packet of pesto seasonings and two tablespoons of water, then boiled it down to a sauce. I mixed the noodles and pesto-veggies together and ate them with a simple side salad with homemade lowfat buttermilk ranch dressing.

Perfect meal, and so quick and easy! Do you guys have a favorite, fast go-to meal for those days when you're SO HUNGRY but too tired to take a long time cooking? Let me know!!



jess said...

Wow your dinner looks lovely! Seems like lots of people have been using pesto and it makes everything look really decadent and amazing. They make packets of pesto seasoning??? WHAT?

Hmm, favorite quick meal? Grilled Anything with steamed vegetables and whole wheat cous cous. I love meals that are under 10 minutes to make!

WOOO top chef! I'm so psyched that I'm hoping I'm not disappointed.

magpie said...

Stir-fry of course :) My secret ingredient - cinnamon! I put it in everything.

lajeunechouette said...

Hi! I read your blog and added you to my blogroll-- I'm relatively new at this, but check mine out!

Erica said...

Look soo good! Ah I forgot about top chef! I knew I would! :(

Lyss said...

Jess- yup, I found the seasoning packets by the gravy packets in my grocery store! I love it because you get all the pesto flavor without all the fat from the oil & pine nuts.
lajeunechouette- keep up the good work! I love your pictures!

VeggieGirl said...

A Garlic Pesto Stir-Fry?!?!??!?! Yes, please!!!!